Mark Cuban: $1B of Amazon stocks sold

The self-made billionaire Mark Cuban is a shareholder of Internet giant Amazon. But how many Amazon shares he really has, was so far a mystery.

• Cuban has shares in Netflix and Amazon
• Amazon with approximately one billion share capital largest investor participation
• Advice on low-cost index funds

Mark Cuban is a billionaire entrepreneur and part of the jury of Shark Tank, the US model for The Cave of the Lions. In the show, business people and start-up founders compete for investments by the billionaire – but Cuban’s largest investments are well-known billion-dollar companies.

One billion in Amazon shares

It has been known for some time that Cuban has holdings in Netflix and Amazon, among others. He had been investing in both companies for years, he explained a few months ago. But how many shares he actually has, he did not want to reveal at the time – at least in the case of Amazon Cuban was now but concrete.

“I have close to $ 1 billion in Amazon shares,” said the self-made billionaire in an interview with Fox Business Network. “This is my biggest stake,”

he added.

Owner of the Dallas Mavericks

Meanwhile, more is known about another of Cuban’s financial commitments: after selling, which he founded, to Yahoo for just under six billion dollars, he made a dream come true and acquired NBA team Dallas Mavericks. And Cuban has also stretched out his tentacles in the direction of other sports teams: In addition to the NHL team Pittsburgh Penguins, he is also considered as a potential buyer for the baseball teams Chicago Cubs and Pittsburgh Pirates.

The investor can definitely afford this – the US magazine Forbes estimates his assets at $ 4.1 billion.

Best investment recommendation: index fund

Cuban has developed his own assets and – literally – saved them from the mouth. He had lived very sparingly, he explained some time ago. But he has become rich through techinvestments. But even those who are not entrepreneurs can reach prosperity, the investor believes. “The key is to live within its means, save money and invest it in a low-cost index fund,” he advises investors. Saving to a broader equity fund is enough for everyone thanks to the constant interest rate.

Concrete stock investments avoid Cuban, however – only a few, such as Amazon and Netflix, makes the billionaire apparently an exception.