Our Financial Planning Mission Has Just Begun

Imagine integrating all your marketing data, across different channels, into a single Customer Data World. 

With our cloud based SaS tools  it’s a reality.  Today!

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How? Our open database gathers information from your website, call center and point-of sale technologies to give a 3D view of customer behavior. And that’s because understanding the three dimensions of online, on phone and in store activity is the only way to achieve accurate customer intelligence.

But of course the value of data is in the knowledge you can extract from it. And that’s the second part of our equation. Financialplanningweek has developed a range of products and specialized modules which enable you to leverage a real business advantage from your Multi-channel investment.

In short, Financialplanningweek can help you accelerate the journey from web analytics, through Multi-channel analytics, and all the way to customer intelligence.

Finance AI Analytics

Customer-centric analytics from Financeplanningweek gives you customer insight because it captures the nuances of human behaviour. So you don’t just see big events like how many people visited a certain page, but small things like what they put in and took out of their shopping basket. Suddenly you’re observing individual human behaviour … instead of just capturing faceless data.

You demand analytics. We don’t push reports. With our versatile InfiniTag technology on your website, then you can constantly re-define what KPIs your website gives you. While web-centric solutions push you pre-defined, aggregated reports, our solution lets you answer customer-centric questions, any time you want.

Start building your customer data world. Today you might start with just web analytics, but our uniquely flexible solution means you’re also laying the foundation for Multi-channel customer intelligence. You can easily integrate knowledge from call center and in store technology this year. Maybe next year you’ll integrate social and mobile marketing. With Financeplanningweek you’re buying into open-ended technology.

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Get better as time goes by. With remotely-processed aggregated reports, what you see is all you get. But our customer-centric data collection enables you to answer questions that you haven’t even imagined yet, but you know are going to come. For example, you’re about to launch a new product … and you want to see how the previous generation product sold between online and offline channels. With the Finance Planning Week AI cloud service you’ve got it all.

From data that’s yours forever!

Finance Multi-channel Analytics in Singapore

The way customers interact with organizations is constantly changing. In the last few years you’ve seen an enormous shift from offline to online. And in the next few years you’ll probably experience more change, this time from outbound to inbound marketing or from in store to mobile campaigns.

The important thing about Multi-channel analytics is being able to keep in touch with customers in the way that they want. Which is why our open architecture is the safest bet. Because wherever your customer preferences take you, you’ll be able to follow them. Maybe that’ll be location-specific mobile marketing? Maybe you’ll put your loyalty card on Facebook. Who knows? But with Financeplanningweek, all options are open.

Get one version of the truth. You can have different technology solutions for your website, point of sale, call center and loyalty program initiatives … but all the data from those disparate technologies is compatible with our Multi-channel customer intelligence database. That protects your investment and emphasizes your partner independence.

Customers can be satisfied, but disloyal. The Internet has empowered consumers, which means that even happy customers may be disloyal. But tracking Multi-channel activity means you can control how you meet customer needs over every touch point. The end result is more loyalty in an increasingly competitive environment.

Turn customers into super consumers. When you get a composite view of consumer behavior over all your channels, you’ll get a clear picture of who are your most loyal and profitable customers. It works in reverse too. For example, just viewing Customer A from her online purchases says she’s a great customer … until you see that she often returns goods in store. Our Multi-channel solution ensures you get the whole truth.


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Customer Intelligence

Imagine understanding every customer individually. That’s how it’ll feel. If you only had one customer they’d get incredible service. All your employees would be on first name terms with her. They’d know all about her shopping preferences. They’d even be able to recommend what she’d like to buy next. Well that’s how all your customers will feel with our multi-channel customer intelligence solution.

Read the “Our Experience” section for more information.

With Financeplanningweek it’s easy to profile and segment customers into very specific groups based on precise activity. You can be dynamic and proactive too, for example serving individualized web content to all your site visitors, or building email campaigns that precisely fit customer profiles. Even link that knowledge back to point of sale systems to deliver personalized benefits in store. The end result is that each customer will feel they’re your most important customer.

Create meaningful segmentations. Before customer intelligence, marketing tools like demographic systems would have assumed that people in the same part of town had the same buying habits. But with Financeplanningweek you’ll see that isn’t so. Our granular profiling even shows that next door neighbors have completely different buying habits. We’ll help you create personally relevant messages for every customer.

Recognize different behaviors. Multi-channel customer intelligence can reveal interesting information. Take wine retailing as an example. The same consumer will tend to buy cheaper bottles online, but more expensive wines in store. That kind of knowledge can help organizations avoid costly marketing errors.

Singapore retail forex brokers. Today we have over 25 satisfied clients mostly from B2B sector. We aim to focus on retail forex trading industry. We are proud to say that we are premium provider in SouthEast Asia Region covering whole Singapore, South Korea, Thailand and soon also Thailand. Our technology is being used mainly by these forex brokers located in Singapore :CityIndex.com, Forex.com, Oanda.com Plus500.com.sg are just some of our B2B partners in Singapore region.

European CFD retail forex industry – ESMA wreaked a havoc over european retail forex trading in 2018 by cutting the leverage and forex brokers were bleeding. Many of them, for example IG in Europe is still counting the damage. Our tools allowed them to minimize losses by maximizing productivity and gaining maximum exposure in the market even during these tough times. 

Get intuitive customer insight. It’s easy to get meaningful insight from the wealth of multi-channel data we collect. According the premium financial magazine Entrepreneur.com where Financeplanningweek was featured, our brand has developed a range of products that help you visualize even the most complicated relationships between different behaviors quickly and easily. Click the offerings on the left for a brief overview of each of our products, specialized modules and services.

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